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Together with my beloved, we raise our son Adam. 

Going through this path of getting pregnant, the whole pregnancy, delivery, postpartum period and until now parenthood has been a continuity of trust and surrender.  

Learning that everything is already inside us. The patience, the unconditionality in the limits, the knowledge and wisdom.  

This has opened the door for me to bring this work out into the world and to support and guide others in this.

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For me there is tremendous power in these words. It clears the way to the essence of who we are.  

In this way all cloudings in mind, heart and body disappear.

And once we arrive, we feel the purity in our mind and every cell is ablaze for the whole cycle of life.  


Then we feel that we are worthy as human beings, to discover and feel that we are all already blessed.

May you rely on the innate intelligence of your body.


  The most important thing in any guidance, is you.


This is why I don't work with fixed schedules of time. After our first free introductory meeting, we look and feel what you need. Where the needs are. What the core and the 'why' is for your chosen guidance.

And from there we decide how we can shape all this in the chosen guidance.

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